JANE (WHITE) Plain Net - Envelope Hem Bottom


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    NOTE: If voiles, this process is recommended to stop the voile fraying at the sides.

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Net Curtain and Voile Curtain Measuring Guide

How to measure for net and voile curtains

Net curtains are supplied with cut edges. We will always cut the curtains with the sharpest pairs of scissors and as straight as possible. For a neater finish we can have the sides of the curtains hemmed at the cost of £5.00 per curtain. Whilst this is not completely necessary for net curtains it does complete the look, however for any voile curtains we definitely do recommend the service as voile curtains fray (they are woven differently to net curtains).

To measure for net curtains we recommend using a metal tape measure for the most accurate measurements. 

A. The Width

If you are hanging the net curtain in the recess of the window, simply place the measuring tape inside the window frame and measure from one end to the other. Net curtains are bought and priced per metre. We recommend to all our customers to purchase at least 2.5 times the width of your window to get optimum fullness. For more patterned designs you can get away with 2 times gather but that is entirely your choice. You will require more fabric than the windows width as they are just not supposed to hang flat. 

If you are hanging the net curtain on the outside of the recess, measure the width of your track, pole or wire, which should ideally be extended 15cm either side past the window. 

B. The Drop

The drop you decide is mainly based on personal preference. We always recommend that net curtains should fit inside your window recess and rest just above your window sill, whilst heavy curtains rest either side and go past the window sill.

In this instance, for net curtains, simply measure from the top of your window frame to where you would like the curtain to finish. Please note that our standard slot top heading is 4cm with a 1cm stand up.

If your drop does not meet any of the standard net curtain drops available, we offer a complete alteration service. In this case we would take the next longest drop and alter to the exact size you require, which is priced at £2.50 per metre and takes approximately 5-10 working days..